Has Kanban truly arrived for Project Management?

KanbanIn the last few weeks, I read 4 very interesting articles that underscore the value of using Kanban for Project Management, and yet represent two extreme ends of how Kanban is gaining recognition in this field.

First, there was a series of 3 great blog posts by none other than our friend, philosopher and guide, and Kanban pioneer, David Anderson.

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The NextGen (Agile) “Tester”

Agile Tester superman_shirt_ripAs Agile gets larger acceptance across the (Indian software) industry, the (manual) testing community has been concerned about how it will impact them. They hear about developers doing testing, test automation and hence wonder – what role am I going to be play? Is this going to kill my job? The concern is natural given a general perception that in Agile, developers should be doing testing. This concern has been part of the resistance that some of the organizations are facing in adopting Agile thinking.

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Purpose – the Hidden Lever of Productivity?

(This is a series of blogs of my thoughts on the most important of human endeavors, Work and its associated things like Productivity and Processes. This is second in the series.)

In my last blog, The Enigma of Employee Productivity, we had explored and discussed about deep meaning at work, motivation at work and productivity. We argued and pointed to many prominent research/ study findings which showed us that (a) the majority of the workforce across organizations globally is not engaged at work, (b) for “higher level” work that requires creativity and innovation, traditional management motivation methods including incentives and monetary rewards don’t work, these methods seemed to be made for the industrial era and are ill equipped for the modern knowledge era. The shining light are these positive deviants; examples of how teams achieve extraordinary productivity and performance. Purpose seems to be one such reason for motivation and in this blog we will explore purpose and meaning a little further and see if we can get any additional insights.

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Achieving Flow – Crucial in Futbol, Life – and in Knowledge Work!

Flow Futbol

As I watch the USA battle it out with Belgium in the World Cup 2014, (OK, I admit I am working from home today ;-) ), I am once again reminded that the most beautiful moments of the game are those that are most – there is no better way to describe it – fluid!

While the game overall is a joy to watch (at least for me – and billions of other “World Cup time soccer fans” worldwide!), every now and then you see moments of sheer beauty and thrill – plays that last more than 1-2 passes.  It could be just a series of quick passes between two players to thwart an opposition player,  a series of longer passes to take the ball from one corner of the field to another – or – that big thrill – a sudden and short burst of running, passing and a header (or a reverse kick or a tap) into the Goooooaaaaaallllllll!!

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